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Over the past 25 years, Margie Roop has enthusiastically provided hundreds of onsite, as well as live webcasts on a variety of workplace, substance abuse, and mental health topics. Margie appreciates opportunities to incorporate her many onsite and clinical employee and management encounters into the topic at hand. Margie has managed many problem employee cases and continues to refer persons with substance use and other mental health disorders to the best treatment possible. These experiences have provided Margie with crucial insights and therefore solutions for effective living: all derived from fellow human beings seeking help as they try to behave and feel better in their lives.   


The most popular topics are listed below. Margie is available to provide virtual training throughout the U.S.A. and can travel to your location, if desired. 


Workplace Issues

Bullying at Work; Managing in Today's COVID Climate, Dealing with the Angry Employee; The Respectful Workplace; Sexual Harassment; Effective Communication; Stress Management; Resolving Co-Worker Conflict; Reasonable Suspicion for Managers; Managing in the COVID-19 Climate; Dealing with Difficult People; Handling the Shop Floor Drama Queen; Creating a Calm Work Environment; Management Intervention with Problematic Behaviors;  Being Your Best Self at Work; Coping with Traumatic Events; Dealing with Holiday Stress; Employee Absenteeism, Tardiness, & AWOL at Work; Heroin, Meth & Rx Drugs: the New Face of Addiction; Identifying & Responding to Unsafe Behaviors; Management Stress: What do WE do About it?; Mental Health First Aid; Odd Behaviors at Work; The DOT: A Supervisory Overview; This Year I will Manage My Best: My Team and Me!; Just Follow Instructions; Management Mayhem: Angry Bosses. 

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Mental Health Issues

The Dance Between Stress, Depression & Anxiety; The 10 Top Toxins Which Destroy Your Life; Nurturing Your Self-Esteem; Taking Your Power Back; Loving Your Addict;  Suicide Doesn't Have to Be;  Mental Health First Aid; Stress & Life Balance; Are YOU Drinking Too Much?; Effective Communication with Your Loved One; Adult Children of Alcoholics; Intervention with Your Addict; Identifying & Nurturing Your Priorities; Setting Your Path in Life; Yours Just Might be a Horrible Substance Addiction Program (getting treatment for your loved one); I Woke Up this Morning & Decided to Become an Addict...Not!; Secret Suffering: the Stigma of Mental Illness Diagnoses. 

Contact Margie Roop 330-419-3416 or

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