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Substance Use Disorders & Loved Ones

put on Your Oxygen Mask!

It is said within the field of chemical dependency that the family or loved ones of the addict become sicker than than the addict. From my experience, I think this is very true because living with and/or trying to love and support the addict is simply exhausting. On any given day, it can feel like you're going insane! Loved ones endure lies, deception, excuses, defenses, anger, stealing, broken promises, and possibly, a revolving door of treatment attempts...It's just so much easier (and quieter) to cave in and back-off!


You'd be surprised to know that in our country there exists exhaustive treatment resources and community support groups, yet the number of people accessing treatment is small. Families just don't know where to start, how to select a treatment program based on their loved one's ability to pay, are perplexed when the addict shuts them out of treatment, don't know who to call at the treatment program, and feel ill-prepared for their return home.

Well, I intend to rectify all this! Through The Roop Group, you will have a quarterback on your case and that's me: Margie Roop, LPCC-S; CEAP; SAP. I've assessed nearly 1,000 persons who've tested positive for a prohibited substance and placed them in treatment programs that fit their needs based on their ability to pay. Treatment programs around NE Ohio know me; they know that I stay in constant contact with their treatment team, relay pertinent information to loved ones, and expect accountability. I will do your heavy lifting!


Put on your oxygen mask! Let's schedule a two-hour consultation. Together, we will create a very workable plan to get your loved one the treatment they need and deserve!

Therapy Session

Let's Meet!

If there was a tutorial on how to figure this addiction thing out, trust me, we wouldn't have a reason to meet! As we get to know one another, I will listen to everything you have experienced in the life of your addict; I will also ask you a lot of questions. I will never judge you and will always respect you. Besides, you've gone through enough suffering; let's start on the path of healing.

 A two-hour consultation is $320 credit card/$300 cash, money order, Venmo, Cash App, or cashier's check. Please contact Margie Roop at 330-419-3416 to schedule your appointment. Cancellation of an appointment must occur at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment, unless it is an emergency, otherwise the fee will be $350. Persons who are no shows (do not call to cancel) will not be re-scheduled.


Please contact Margie Roop at: 330-419-3416 to schedule your appointment and to make payment arrangements.

Contact us at The Roop Group and we'll get back with you soon!

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